Reflection = Fulfillment

We all get caught up in our own aspirations: what we want to earn in a year, how we would like to see our job change, considerations about climbing the corporate ladder etc.

But how often do you take a look behind you and think just for a few minutes about how far you’ve come?

This seems to me to be a crucial step to self fulfillment. We are a generation of dreamers, people who want to change the world and make the best of everything. But, in order to be happy about where you’re going in life, you must be comfortable with how far you’ve come. Booker T. Washington said “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one was reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” I can’t think of anything that rings more truth.

This is not to say that we should not put our utmost effort into accomplishing our professional hopes and dreams, but it is to say that those aspirations will be of much more value with the addition of some reflection to realize how far we have come on the career journey.

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Communication Speaks

Effective communication is essential. Period.

I can’t tell you the number of conversations I have had about workplace communication. Whether it’s selling yourself to an interviewer or explaining your managerial preference to someone, it always comes up. It is interesting really, because the current generation is more communicative than ever. Many newly graduating students know the value of being able to clearly express themselves and they realize it will get them far.

What is puzzling though, is the amount of miscommunication that still occurs. Working in teams can be a fun experience where individuals learn from each other, develop and challenge ideas among many other things that foster professional growth. Other times it can be a string of disconnected ideas that are not discussed thoroughly resulting in an awkward final project (this would only happen in academia, obviously).

Maybe I’m an overachiever, or maybe I talk too much, but I think those lagging behind really need to develop an understanding of the importance of being able to collaborate and communicate well with others!

It can be simpler than everyone thinks. Talk everything out until no further questions remain, respond promptly to email/written communications, and be pleasant. Three simple points that could separate you from the pack, help you better perform your job and make your coworkers/group mates happy.


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Blog By Engineer

I’ve finally decided to join the blogging community. As a soon to be graduating civil engineer, I feel that a science/engineering addition to the blogging community would be helpful. I want my blog to be an sharing of experiences to all of those who are navigating the science, engineering, mathematics and technology worlds.

Looking back at my position as an incoming student at Syracuse University, I see a complete transformation in my professional viewpoint. I’ve had many life changing experiences over my four years at University and I this blog will be attributed to discussing past/future career challenges, successes and the many questions that all of us face through our professional lives.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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